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Getting Married in 2020 - The Harsh New Reality

To all my brides, grooms, and their mothers-in-law: First, take a deep breath. Second, please give this a read to help you consider your options.

The million dollar question I am being asked right now is, "Should we still go through with our wedding this year..?"

Right now the answer is very unclear, but also it may be one you need to consider.

As the COVID-19 virus continues to change our world, I think it's safe to say that all non-essential events may be rescheduled. I'm sure you would agree, that the most important thing is our health. Parties and events can wait, if they have to. Your wedding is supposed to be one of the best days of your life, let's keep it that way.

It's important for you to be realistic during these times. There are rumours saying that this should all be over by the summer. So if your wedding is planned after June 2020, everything should go according to plan. The reality is, we really do not know how long this will last. If your wedding is this summer, please just keep in mind the option of rescheduling.

Regardless of the amount you have already paid in deposits, most wedding vendors like myself, are all small business owners, and hopefully the people that you are dealing with are kind, trustworthy humans who are understanding of these unfortunate circumstances. Non-refundable deposits are in place for a reason - they protect small business to stay afloat - especially during times like this. Those deposits have already gone into paying our living and business expenses. However, just because you have paid your deposits, does not mean that money is forever lost! Communicate with your wedding photographer, venue, caterer, hair and make up stylist, and simply ask if the option is there to postpone your wedding date until further notice. You may be surprised with how many vendors will reply with, "Absolutely. We understand and will be happy to carry your deposit over onto your new date of choice".

I cannot speak for every wedding vendor out there, but if they have the availability, then they may be able to help you reschedule your wedding. I for one, will be going above and beyond to make each and every one of my clients happy.

If you have family and friends who are supposed to be arriving from out of town, I understand this makes things more difficult. Rescheduling can be very challenging, but hopefully it doesn't have to be! If your family and friends love you, they will understand, and support you. Try asking your made of honour or someone you can trust, to help you if you are in this situation. Organization is key, so don't be afraid to reach out if you need some help.

For destination weddings, you most likely have handled your booking through a travel agent or wedding planner. Right now, travel agents are offering refunds or credits, while working with airlines, hotels, and vendors abroad. If you haven't already, I suggest reaching out to your booking agent to discuss your options.

Lastly, I would like to say this.

To all my beautiful brides: I love what I do, and photographing weddings is the best part about my job. Please know, that I support you with whatever decision you make. Of course I hope that things will get better, and your summer weddings can still happen as planned. We are all in this together, and we will get through it. I'm sending out only positive vibes!

This article is here to help you consider all options.

Sincerely Julia, and probably every other wedding photographer right now.

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